Backyard Decoration Ideas for Birthday Party in Pakistan

You can use your backyard to host a birthday party with some outdoor decor and make this event memorable for you and your loved ones. You do not need to have a lot of decoration pieces to bring life and colors to your event; instead, the proper lighting, table decor, and simple decorations can make it colorful and lively for you and your guests.

Backyard Birthday Decor

Materials for Backyard Birthday Decor

An outdoor event allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and the following are some of the materials that you can use for decorating your backyard to host a birthday event:


String lights or twinkle lights can be used to decorate the trees and greenery, giving your backyard a cozy glow.


Birthdays are incomplete without balloons; you can make a balloon arch to specify the welcome spot for your guests. You can choose the metallic, helium or confetti balloons and match their color according to your party theme colors. You can throw balloons of different colors, sizes, and shapes in the backyard here and there.


Bunting can help add a theme, color, and style to your birthday party, which can be hung easily as a part of your backyard decorations.

Candles and Lanterns

Use candles and lanterns to gently add ultimate lighting to your evening birthday events, which will also develop a relaxing mood for your gathering. You can use tall candles and tealights placed in glass holders for dining tables.


Flowers enhance the aesthetic element of events; you can use artificial or fresh flowers displayed in different vases or small ports for decorating your backyard birthday party.

Outdoor Rug

Use an outdoor rug while arranging a birthday party in your backyard to give it a grounded and composed look. You can use an already available rug at your home and match the rest of the theme with it, or you can opt for purchasing a rug to match the theme color and pattern of your event.

Paper Decorations

Colorful papers can be used to make pom decorations and paper fans and hang them on a blank wall or a photo backdrop. You can also create paper medallions of different sizes and colors to hang over the tables to add colorful decorations to your event.

Photo booth/Photo Backdrop Area

If you are hosting a small birthday party, you can create a photo booth with different birthday-related signs and symbols for people to take pictures there. On the other hand, if you are arranging a party at a more significant level, you can also create a photo backdrop area by styling a specific space with flowers, balloons, or any attractive fabric for people to capture beautiful moments.

Photo Prints

You can get the photos of the birthday person and print them to display in a frame kept over the table or hang them on a wall. These photos will add a decorative element to the party and cherish the old sweet memories.


You can opt for spreading beautiful and colorful quilts if you do not have enough furniture to arrange guests’ seating.

Sign Boards

You can make a welcome sign board to make the venue more hospitable for the guests by using simple, colorful chart papers; you can also mention the party schedule on a sign board and make different wayfinding signs pointing in the direction of the celebration table, dining area, photo booth etc.

Tableware and Glassware

You can use colorful tableware consisting of napkins, table cloths, place settings and glassware, including bright colored glasses, hued plates, or gold-toned cutlery for adding some colors to your tables. You can also consider your party theme while choosing the color of your dinnerware.


Depending on the level of your birthday party, you can use a small-sized or large-sized tent for hanging lighting, flower garlands, and event signage for adding colors to your event.


Umbrellas can be hanged for getting shadowed if you are hosting a day event. They also keep you safe from unexpected rain showers and can be used in evening or night birthday party events. Colorful umbrellas add an aesthetic element to your party.

Decorating a Bar

Other Ideas

You can consider the following ideas while making arrangements for a birthday party in your backyard to make your event more special:

Color Scheme

You can choose different color schemes based on your likes and preferences and choose a single-colored theme or a theme with different color combinations for your birthday party. You can order a customized cake to match your theme and wear dresses according to your party’s color scheme.

Cozy Environment

It would help if you kept the comfort of your guests in mind while arranging the seating place so they can sit easily and enjoy their drinks and appetizers. Meanwhile, keep your party theme and formality level in mind. You can use colorful cushions to make your seating arrangement full of colors and not full of just white or any other solid color.

Decorating a Bar Cart

You can add style to your bar cart with floral garlands, a small vase, or colorful paper straws, which will not only be used for serving drinks to the guests but will also be a decoration piece for your party.

Styling the Fence

Your backyard fence can be decorated with the help of different decorative things, including lights, lanterns, flowers, balloons, paper fans, etc., to use as a backdrop for your seating area.

Using Reusable Materials

You can get different reusable materials from your home to use for your birthday party, such as old bottles, boxes, plant pots, straws, papers, ice-cream sticks, etc. and show your creativity by forming DIY decorations.

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