Best Desi Breakfast Places in Lahore

If you are a foodie person and like to explore different places where you can get to eat delicious food, then you should visit Lahore. Lahore is not only a city of gardens but it is also famous for its variety of famous foods for which people from different parts of the country come to try. The breakfast of Lahore holds popularity among the citizens and visitors as there are various facilities which have been offering traditional breakfast menus for years.

This guide provides information about the best places from where you can get yummy and delicious breakfast.

List of Best Breakfast Places in Lahore

Being a paradise for foodies, having breakfast from popular hotels or restaurants is an old tradition among the locals. Some of the famous breakfast establishments in Lahore have been discussed below, each providing its speciality item:

List of Best Breakfast Places in Lahore

Phajja Siri Paye

It is a well-known place in Lahore, serving the best Siri Paye in Lahore, along with a lot of other desi dishes, which are a source of attraction for various local citizens and visitors. Most of the people take their guests for breakfast at this place to let them taste their popular dish of siri paye which is slowly cooked and served with freshly made Naans.

Amritsari Hareesa

Hareesa is one of the traditional items which is served at breakfast in Lahore. It is prepared by cooking mutton and wheat in desi ghee and Amritsari Hareesa offers the best hareesa in Lahore. This dish has been the main reason for the popularity and success of this place.

Waris Nihari

Nihari is one of the popular breakfast dishes in Lahore, which is made by cooking meat in desi ghee, and Waris Nihair is the most famous spot to have this dish. This place is always crowded with people who want to enjoy the yummy flavours of this dish and satisfy their taste buds.

Muhammadi Nihari House

Different varieties of nihari can be tried at Muhammadi Nihari House to enjoy the authentic taste. They use special spices while preparing nihari and serve it by topping it up with onion, lemon, ginger, and coriander leaves at affordable prices so that anyone can enjoy this delicious breakfast.

Taj Mahal Sweets Halwa Puri

Taj Mahal Sweets offers halwa puri in Lahore, having various kinds of halwa available. The halwa served for breakfast is cooked explicitly in desi ghee that, gives you a mouth-watering experience when you eat the first meal of your day.

Sadiq Halwa Puri

It is one of the most well-known spots in Lahore, where delicious halwa puri is served for breakfast. They use desi ghee for preparing the puri and provide this yummy breakfast to all at affordable prices.

Ghausia Murgh Channay

It is one of the most popular breakfast establishments in Lahore that offers the best murgh channay with perfectly made soft naans. This dish contains the perfect seasoning of black pepper and is an attractive breakfast spot for various individuals, due to which this place is always found over-crowded.

Butt Sweets

During the early hours of the morning, you can go to Butt Sweets to enjoy desi breakfast in the form of halwa puri, which is prepared freshly, spreading an aroma in the surroundings, which increases your cravings.

Capri Restaurant

Delicious halwa puri is served at this restaurant, which is one of the most famous breakfast options for people and visitors in Lahore. This halwa puri is a perfect combination of different flavours and spices with freshly fried puris and sweet halwa that satisfies your taste buds fully.

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan offers a breakfast menu that includes a variety of dishes, including parathas, omelettes, daal, etc. At this place, you get a lot of choices to select from based on your requirements and demands for a healthy or desi breakfast.

Chacha Bassa Halwa Puri

Chacha Bassa Halwa Puri in Lahore allows you to enjoy the yummiest sweet halwa with freshly fried puris to get an irresistible experience. If you are a halwa puri lover, then you must visit this place to try their halwa puri.



There are different restaurants and small scale establishments which are well-known for their taste and special breakfast items. Some of the places are popular because of their one breakfast items, while others offer multiple options on their menus. It is up to you to choose a particular place from where you want to try breakfast in Lahore based on your taste.

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