Complete Guide to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress in Pakistan

Weddings are not just ceremonies; they are a series of rituals that will ultimately represent all the customs along with the level of joy and love between two families. They are also important because they require an intensive quest for women to select and buy what they are going to wear to every function.

Wedding Dresses in Pakistan depict not only traditions but also the culture of the area. They are particularly famous all around the globe for the vibrant colours, styles and unlimited choices of embellishments that come with them.

In this blog, we have tried to make things easy for you by providing some tips on selecting the perfect wedding dresses for yourself. We have also explained some most famous choices that you can go for.


Decide Before Getting Started on Shopping

Customise Your Dress:

You can choose a style that you like and then give it some tweaking and customisation to your dresses, like in colour, embroidery and fabric etc.

Choose The Right Colour:

The right colour is a very important feature of a wedding dress. There are many vibrant and eye-catching colours that you can choose from. But make sure you choose a colour that helps your skin tone and flows with your complexion.

Additional Adjustments:

Apart from customisation, you can also give elegant additions to your wedding dress with embellishment works such as beads, sequins, glass, etc. Feel free to apply your personal touch to your dress.


Quality and type of fabric is also an important and unignorable factor. There are a few choices available for a wedding dresses, like silk, jamavar and other silky fabrics.


Pakistani wedding dresses come in many different traditional styles depicting the culture and traditions of the area. They all provide discrete and beautiful looks. You can choose the one that suits you the best. We will discuss some of the main styles later in this blog


Let’s just not forget that no wedding dress in Pakistan is complete without glittering and eye-catching jewellery. However, make sure you choose the right colour combination between your dress and jewels.

Pishwas Style Frocks
Traditional Angrakha Style Frocks

Famous Choices in Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Traditional Angrakha Style Frocks:

Angrakha style is one of the most accepted styles for mehndi dresses in Pakistan. They have sustained their existence in Pakistan for a very long time and are not likely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Angrakha style uses a long tassel detailed with embroidery. You can add embellishments and threadwork if you like. The choice of fabric is also entirely up to you.

Pishwas Style Frocks:

Pishwas style is one of the most elegant choices for mehndi dresses. It has been highly liked and popular for many years. It offers a wide range of fabrics that you can choose from. From cotton to silk, the pishwas style will allow you to choose whichever fabric you like. You can also add embellishments to make the dress more beautiful.

Sharara Style:

A Sharara or gharara is a traditional Lukhnawi outfit that guarantees you a striking appearance for a traditional mehndi function. It is a wide-legged pair of pants having a sudden drop at the knees. You can use them with a peplum style or a straight shirt.

Sharara style is also widely used for barat functions in Pakistan. You can choose an ultimate red colour sharara with golden embroidery and embellishments to make yourself look no less than a bride.

Lehnga Choli:

Lehnga choli is probably the favourite style of dress when it comes to wedding dresses. Traditional yet elegant, lehnga choli allows you to bring your inner twirl princess out and make some candid snaps while you give a perfect and smooth spin to your dress. Lehnga choli is a type of dress that will never go out of fashion.

Complete Guide to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress in Pakistan

Affordable Designer Dresses for Weddings

The choice of clothes depicts and establishes our overall personality and impact in a ceremony. That is why everyone puts a lot of time and effort into choosing what to wear to a wedding. Some designers can provide attractive and stylish dresses that can enhance your appearance anywhere you go at a very reasonable price. You can go online or visit their outlets near you to find out what they are offering.

Gold Glam:

The gold-coloured dress will provide the ultimate looks for both barat and reception. Including a golden shine in your dress will instantly increase both the elegance and beauty of your dress and undoubtedly make you the centre of everyone’s eyes.

Gold glam offers a variety of styles that you can choose from and add a golden shine to it. You can also use it in combination with other hues if you don’t like it to be golden from top to bottom.

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